Sunshell Fused Core Shell Columns

We are proud to release the new SUNSHELL UHPLC column with Fused Core Shell technology, in partnership with Chromanik Technologies.
Get UHPLC performance with any LC system. Besides the high efficiency the new SUNSHELL column also show outstanding peak shape for all type of compounds.


 Prominent features of SunShell C18

  • Unique trifunctional bonding of the C18 groups to the Silica
  • Ensures good coverage of the Bonded Silanol groups on the Silica Surface
  • Ensures symmetrical Peak shapes with minimal tailing .
  • Extended surface coverage offering performance at Extreme pH ensuring high   column life.
  • Higher sample loadability allowing the higher sample size
  • UHPLC performance on any HPLC using the “Sunshell” Core shell technology

To Know more about this Product Please Click on the Following PDF file Links :


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