Our Company

We are supplying innovative laboratory products to instrument manufacturers and distributors around the world. Our mission is to empower you to design a unique product in the field of liquid handling and fluid transfer components for analytical, biotech and life science users.

  •  The Complete Solution for Degassing and Fluidic Handling
  •  From Idea to Finished Product

Our Main Activities :

Chromatography Sorbents & Columns
The Chromatography columns are widely used in quality assurance for monitoring the quality of drugs, fine chemicals & pesticides. Prochrome India in association with Chromanik Technology Japan & Biotech AB Sweden are involved developing innovative sorbent chemistries & columns used for chromatography applications
Prochrome India is involved in manufacturing the columns for Flash Chromatography using various sorbents. These columns are used for purification of organic molecules.
To meet the problem arising out of gas bubbles and aeration in any flow system Biotech AB has designed Stand alone degasser which effectively eliminates online gas bubbles interference.
Smart Saver
Considering the environmental implications arising out of uses of organic solvents we have designed solvent recycler capable of reducing consumption of costly organic solvents. Hence reducing environmental load effectively.


Considering all these business areas it is our intention to offer products which can withstand global challenges of purification. And in this mission we have team of experienced technocrat to support & to extend capability & your efficiency.

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